Tanha Sheikh

Founder & creative Head

Tanha Sheikh had a natural affinity towards arts, crafts, and nature since childhood. Growing up in creativity nurturing household, Tanha always felt inclined towards aesthetics. As her mother sew and stitched hand-made fabric, she felt immensely inspired. That’s when the seeds of fashion design inspirited her soul. Soon the interest turned into a passion as she grew up.

After graduating in Law from Stamford University Bangladesh, Tanha’s kindling aspiration navigated her towards the realm of fashion designing. To expand her knowledge, she obtained a fashion designing degree from the Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology.

Honing upon her creative skills meshed with branding, Tanha embarked upon her journey as a Co-founder at the Shera Digital 360. Simultaneously, she started her sustainable fashion brand, Taan, in 2019. Taan is her dream that turned into a reality, catering to greenery, elegance, and traditional culture.